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for running, you have to do is: wear sports clothes to go out, come back after 40 minutes, can quickly go, do not want to go back on. As long as it starts, it will still think of sweating and warming up. Once sweating up, the physical and mental gridlock will open a hole. Then it will be able to jog for one or two minutes, one or two minutes to three or four minutes, and then become five minutes, ten minutes. There is no pain at all, only the comfort and happiness of the movement.

but in the huge city of Beijing heavy traffic and cement forest, running seems not very safe. But it doesn't matter. The strategy that you recommend today is that of 11 running places in Beijing that you don't know! Come on and see it.

, a Tiantan Park: the recommended index assumes.
recommended reasons: the environment is suitable, the air is fresh, the history and culture are

recommended time:
all day
Tiantan park is located south of the city of Beijing, is the Ming and Qing two generations of emperors worship heaven, pray for a bumper grain harvest. Tiantan has two walls, divided into two parts: the inner altar, the altar of Tiantan Park, large area, high vegetation coverage, for more than a hundred years old trees, fresh air, rich in negative oxygen ions, the summer temperature difference between inside and outside the park is large, suitable for the morning and evening running fitness, cool summer.

two, Beihai Park
Recommendation Index assumes:
recommended reasons: Lake scenery, fresh air,

recommended time: early morning and evening

Beihai Park, located in Beijing downtown area, China has remained the oldest, most complete protection of the imperial palace. Here the water is open, Lake taying, fragrant flowers, green pines and verdant cypresses, stone caves, pavilions, terraces and open halls, colorful, like a fairyland. Recommended friends love to run early in the morning to Beihai park on the run along the coast are willows, the air is very fresh, can also be reflected on the White Sea panoramic view of the scenery.

three, the Imperial Palace peripheral
: * * * * recommended index
recommended reason: the ancient landscape, history and culture

recommended time: early morning and evening

the Imperial Palace is the Ming and Qing two generations of the Royal Palace, surrounded by Beijing surrounded by. Today, we ordinary people can directly through the Meridian Gate in the Imperial Palace and around the periphery of running, this is not realized by the ancient people. The outer circle of the Imperial Palace is about 3 thousand meters. It is suitable for people who live nearby. They run on the lap in the early morning and evening when the car is few and sparse, and feel the verve and grandeur of the imperial residence. Catch the flag lifting time, can close to appreciate the bright and brave hand guard flag.

four, Taoranting Park Park

Recommendation Index assumes:
recommended reason: the ancient culture, fresh air and moderate flow

recommended time:
all day
Taoranting Park Park, north.

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