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: the first running calf red with rage is going on?

increases adrenaline in the human body for a long time or intense exercise, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. The general effect of epinephrine is to make the heart contractility, strengthen the contractility of the heart once, accelerate blood circulation, leg vein reflux increases, blood pressure increased, blood flow is blocked, accumulate in the blood in veins formed "veins", namely in the small leg surface bulges, varicose and twist "red with rage" state.

second: veins not tendons, what is it?

vein is a vein. Under normal circumstances, venous vessels should not be clearly seen, but once the venous blood flow is blocked and the pressure increases, it will appear on the surface of the skin, or even twist and discoloration. Or as the age increases, subcutaneous fat decreases, the surrounding tissue atrophies, and the vascular compliance decreases, and the veins appear more and more. The blue veins in general, more common in men than in women, the elderly more common than young people, exercise than quiet see more, see more lean than fat people.

third: what should I do when there is a varicose vein?

1, can wear medical elastic stockings, so that it can protect the skin surface, make the varicose veins no longer expand outward, but also can promote venous blood reflux, not only has the therapeutic effect, but also has the effect of preventing varicose veins.

2, when you rest, you can raise your legs at level or above the heart. At this time, the blood circulation in the feet and legs is vigorous, the blood flow in the lower extremities is faster and the speed of the heart and heart is faster. It is suggested that people who are sedentary and less active suggest walking around every 1 hours, and promote the circulation of blood in the lower limbs by strengthening the way of the contraction of the leg muscles.

3, usually the left leg, a hand or the wall, forward swing leg, the toes upward; then backward swing, the toes forced back foot Bengzhi, legs are straight as far as possible. When the leg is flung, the upper body is straight and the legs are exchanged for dozens of times, which helps to enhance the blood circulation of the legs and feet.

4, wash their feet with hot water, especially with ginger fried water wash, can accelerate the blood circulation in the legs, the lower extremity venous blood in right heart return, is conducive to reduce leg venous stasis, prevention and treatment of varicose veins of lower extremity.

(source funrun)

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