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Many people like to take headphones with their running

many people like to run with headphones while running, and listen to songs while running, as if the whole world is their own. Some people think that running a song can relieve stress. But running songs can also bring a lot of unsafe factors. Too much in the world, sometimes it will cause collisions with passers-by. Serious traffic accidents will happen. So, is it really good to listen to the song when you run?

do you listen to a song when you run?

1. It is easy to affect listening
The noise generated by
wearing headphones can affect the microcirculation of inner ear cells, cause microcirculation disturbance, and speed up microcirculation when running. This will aggravate microcirculation disturbance and affect hearing. So you'd better not wear headphones when you run.

two, affecting the effect of exercise

in our brain, different brain nerve centers are responsible for the excitement and inhibition of different organs. The nerve center, which commands muscle function during running, is in a state of excitement, which can effectively mobilize the cardiopulmonary function. If we listen to music while running, we will not get the rest of the center of the head's mind, and at the same time, it will inhibit the nerve center of the competent movement, thus affecting the effect of exercise.

three, prone to risk
The harm of
listening to music runs is that it blocks your own breathing and footsteps, which are important feedback from the body for your exercise. If it wasn't in the game, it was worse. It's easy to see if there is a car or person behind you. It's easy to be dangerous.

, in addition to this, I always believe that the concert gives people the inertia of dependence. Over time, you will find that without music, you can no longer find the power of running.

, therefore, Xiaobian believes that running is a good thing to concentrate on and listen to your body's voice, so that it can not only reduce the occurrence of meaning, but also improve the efficiency of sports. (39 Health Network)

As is known to all, snooker name O'Sullivan is a senior runner.
as everyone knows, snooker star "rocket" O'Sullivan is a veteran runner, in his 2013 autobiography "run", he disclosed for the first time in running in his life including meaning, let him stay away from alcohol, drugs and psychological diseases; at the same time, but also because of running, tensions between him and his ex-wife. Finally, two people far away, a stranger, leaving a son and a daughter, became the only bond between two people. At the same time, O'Sullivan has repeatedly stressed that if he did not run, he might have retired early.

since the age of 12, O'Sullivan, under the supervision of his father, started running. At that time O'Sullivan ran 3 miles a day, and his father was driving behind him, all the time, in fact more supervision. The situation persisted until he was 16 years old and began to turn to a professional player. But all of it was later disrupted by a sudden bad news. O'Sullivan's father was arrested and arrested for murder. He started a life of self abandonment.

because his father was convicted, O'Sullivan collapsed, he chose to use alcohol and drugs instead of running. At that time, O'Sullivan's weight is out of control, at the age of 20 has reached 98.5 kg, in his own words is "pig", may have to go out in the outside also being discriminated against. Perhaps by the words of the outsider, O'Sullivan was determined to change himself and return to running. In two years, he lost 19 kilograms. When he looked in the mirror, he couldn't help saying, "I don't know this guy."

later, O'Sullivan met a mentor, a 50 year old veteran, a veterinarian Alan. Under his guidance and infection, O'Sullivan returned home run, and joined the Essex running club, slowly turn to quit alcohol and drug addiction, and began a regular running. In O'Sullivan's own words, he was an addicted person, running the same way, unmanageable. After a lot of training, O'Sullivan got 10 kilometers, and his best performance even reached 34 minutes. He was among the top 1500 in the UK. He had a wish that he could participate in the Olympic Games on behalf of the state. But he knew it was only a wish.

's feelings about his ex-wife Joe, O'Sullivan confessed, that there was a lot of misunderstandings between the two people because of running. Joe thought he was running too selfish, will take care of two children left her support, coupled with the perennial outside play, the relationship between two people is more and more light, eventually become two strangers like birds flying in different directions. But O'Sullivan did not regret his choice, because running made him refind himself and found the motivation to stick to it.

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