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went to the weeding trip I hit by the strength.

in the return of the green train, braved the whistling blowing straight from the top of the head of air conditioning, and snoring. As one falls, another rises, I think the next micro-blog, and the fairy fans talk about the heart.

happened to have a fan calling me late at night, and I chatted with her for a little while.

she said her love affair was in danger.

along with her boyfriend in the process, he is not present, but the former.

she is now in a dilemma: she can't stand her boyfriend's heart, but she loves him too, and her boyfriend is very nice to her.

points, or not?

's emotions are always amplified during the dead of night, and the fan's suspicion of infidelity is magnified. She even thought that if she were an ex, then her boyfriend would be obsessed with her.

I advised her not to make a decision late at night.

talked to her, and I remembered an emotional question I had known about: when his first girlfriend was happiest?
the first love or the last person to spend the rest of his life?

has no clue, and I'm not sure which is the right answer.


people have different periods of growth, so do men, and their love is divided into different stages.

said that the most memorable is the first love, because it is pure and beautiful.

but was he really happy when he was first love?

, that's not necessarily true.

remembers the first love of the flute, they are each other's first love.

first love is really green, ignorant, her boyfriend knows nothing. Put up a pageantry pursuit, carefully hand, unreasonable to be jealous, quarrel, then self willed and naively declared broke.

flute broke up with each other after the reunion, the other party emotion can not be forgotten.

flute also said the romance was impressive. Because he did not understand anything, he was only a little understanding, one or two, two people like Mars hit the earth, a little small signs can make big bang.

is like the love of youth, that is, it is noisy and noisy.

first love unforgettable, but do his first love happiness?

you have to put up with him, don't understand you, tolerate his interest in the game, more than you, tolerate his eyes.

later, you asked him, "will we have any later?"

and he would only be nervous and say he never thought about it.


some people say that after the first love of that love, it should be the most serious man, pay the most part.

because of the first love, the man learned the experience from it. With first love as a prerequisite, he knows what love and love is like, and understands women better than before.

I agree with both hands.

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